Did he have on clean underwear?

From Towleroad’s Fashion Notes. The New York Times takes a look at the novelty/fashion underwear biz: But What if You Get Hit by a Taxi?


Photograph by Chris Shipman for The New York Times

Novelty underwear, for decades the butt of jokes and the joke of butts, has, in the last two to three years, turned into a serious business, capturing a significant share of the $1.1 billion men’s knit-underwear (that is, excluding boxers) market. In all their goofy glory, briefs in bright colors, zany prints, new materials and daring cuts are undermining the classic white brief’s long-held status as king of the hill.

I wasn’t the tighty-whitey’s type as a kid (do Underoos count?), but I admit to buying some plain ol’ briefs when the Calvin Klein campaign hit it big

and I didn’t look like a total cow in briefs

. But on the days that I wear underwear at all, I’m usually a boxers guy. If I don’t think anyone’s going to see them, I just don’t care what I’ve got on under there, y’know?1

1 Author’s note, many years later. I do care what kind of underwear I have on now. Whether someone is going to see them or not.

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2 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    I can’t really see this being “date” underwear (I wouldn’t wear it), but there’s someone who’d wear it for stripping down to one’s underwear.

    Perhaps this is someone’s idea to deal with guys whose pants hang too low. If guys are going to let pants hang off their bums, then they should at least have some kind of decent underwear. The whole pants hanging low thing has been around for over 15 years and I wish it would just go away! However, some clean underwear never huts.

    • Brian says:

      Oh I can think of some dates that I’d wear this stuff for, unfortunately I don’t have the slim-to-none midsection of those models, so it would probably be much more amusing than I’d intend and not at all sexy.

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