facebook: just like Pepperidge Farm

…it remembers. But in a much more creepy way than a pleasant elder reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Facebook suggesting I Like items I previously deleted from my profile. Right on the tail end of writing about Twitter following in Facebook’s shoes with their Who To Follow recommendations, Facebook decided to up the ante a bit when it comes to making sure every profile has some easily marketable breadcrumbs. It’s been pointed out–quite eloquently–that a service becomes a social media giant by not listening to its users and I can accept that. The only way a service changes is when the superusers develop a movement for it… or more importantly when there’s money to be had.

This morning, while checking up on my friends’ updates, I noticed that Facebook’s recommendations looked a little familiar. There were still the random and “friends-in-common” pages, but I also noticed it suggesting items that I actually liked. Music, books, movies and television shows to be precise. I was intrigued until I realized that these were the exact items that I’d removed from my profile months ago in an effort to cut back on the marketing offers and faux friend requests.

A while back, Facebook caught a bit of flak when a change in their Terms of Service implied that users of the service gave up ownership of the content they posted, status updates, photos, messages, etc. This was quickly clarified, but a statement was added to point out that Facebook does archive your profile information and retain it even if you delete your profile.

I could understand this if I had access to my own revisions, similar to a profile content management system, so I could see older versions of my profile info. But the current “understanding” was that when I delete information from my profile, it’s gone–archived, sure, but gone. Apparently that’s not how they see it and will now offer up my deleted items on a regular basis: “Would you like to Like something that you Liked before, but stopped Liking? We’d really like it if you did… Like it… again.”*

First social media abused the word friend, now Facebook threatens to do the same with like.

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