metro: Presidents Day closings

I hope most people are already aware of this, but if so, it likely isn’t due to the efforts of WMATA/Metro. I heard something about station closings on Presidents Day weekend this year, but in stations I only saw some hastily–looked that way, anyway–taped up signs on the metro faregates. I don’t know who they think has time to read those while on their morning or evening commute. Eventually I saw some signs up in stations, and they’d secreted a handout in the kiosks next to the usual maps and tourist handouts.

On the Blue and Orange Lines, there will be no train service between the Metro Center and L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail stations, and the two stations between–Federal Triangle and Smithsonian Metrorail stations–will be closed during the Presidents Day Holiday Weekend from 10 p.m., Friday, Feb. 18, to closing on Monday, Feb. 21.

During the weekend, extra Metro employees will be available at the Metro Center, Federal Triangle, L’Enfant Plaza and Smithsonian Metrorail stations to help customers navigate around the weekend closure using the free shuttle bus service.

Even though there’s definitely the onset of Spring weather in the air, I doubt that Presidents Day weekend is a huge tourist weekend in DC, so this probably won’t affect too many people… except those that still have to go to work downtown. A–constantly updating–press release on their website details the closings and bus schedule information, but you won’t find the easy (-er?) to read flyer on their site as they’ve done with past closings.


  • Last trains are leaving each terminal station about 20 minutes earlier. Advising people to arrive 20-30 minutes if relying on the last train.
  • The Red Line is single-tracking between Shady Grove & Twinbrook and New York Avenue-Florida Avenue-Gallaudet U & Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood*

Most important–for people like me–the online Trip Planner will not be reflecting these changes. The Trip Planner isn’t perfect, but I use it from time to time to estimate travel times or bus frequency, but Metro won’t be telling it that these stations are closed, so it will be even less reliable than usual… such fun!

I expect to see a lot of people afflicted with Spring Fever out and about this weekend–even though we’re only expecting the 50s and rain–so be aware that it might take you a little longer to get around the area if you aren’t going by car, bike or foot. Happy Friday Eve, everyone! :mrgreen:

* Hm, the names for our stations really are getting too long

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