ads: Liquid-Plumr Double Impact

I haven’t seen this on TV yet, but it’s on their official YouTube channel so this at least appears to be a real ad that they’re hoping goes viral. Sadly I’ve only ever had to use Liquid-Plumr once in my life, but it did the job as advertised. Still, if I had more cause to use their product, I might have more shopping trips like this!

Sadly, the official website for the product isn’t anywhere near as enlightening, but some of the instructions do make you wonder…

INSERT THE SNAKE. Insert the 23-inch snake into the drain and move it up and down…

Oh yeah… it’s like 70s porn movie dialogue–it practically writes itself! In addition to the ad spot, you can hit up their Facebook page to send a Plumr-Gram from the “Hunky Plumrs”

Naturally because it dares to show attractive1 men and a woman possibly experiencing that feeling the rest of us know to be pleasure, One Million Moms got upset about it. However their attempts to take down Ellen/J. C. Penney and Archie Comics have both met spectacular failures, so in this instance we should expect sales of Double-Impact to go through the roof!

Hell, my apartment woes are handled by building maintenance and I’m still considering buying a case!2 Unfortunately, our maintenance staff, while great at their jobs, don’t look anything like the Hunky Plumrs. 😥

And not to belabor the point, please do follow the product directions: Insert the snake, move it up and down, wait for the snake to do its job and most importantly… rinse.

TGIF, y’all! :mrgreen:

1 Understatement of the week.

2 Ok, not really. After all, I already own porn.

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2 Responses

  1. Mac Finley says:

    Great review, we released a video review with this in it today! We share some of the same thoughts. Hope you enjoy! Well done

  2. Annie says:

    Great review! And yes, the Hunky Plumrs are HOT!

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