photo: catch the sun

In a effort to support the weekend exercise and weight loss1 efforts, I’ve taken to walking in the early morning after checking into the office. Our building is right next to The Yards Park and Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, so when it’s nice enough outside, there’s never a lack of great scenery. This morning was no exception:

Not bad for an instagram pic, right? The distinctive bridge always makes for a great photograph, but catch it at just the right time and it’s another one of those magical DC moments. I put my morning walks on hold for a while, but now that the summer heat is passing into slightly crisp fall mornings, I look forward to a quick mile or so to wake up the body and energize the spirit before work. :mrgreen:

1 Nearly 30 pounds lost since I started. Aiming for 35 by my birthday. I said I’d blog about it when I hit a 25-pound loss, but I lied and got lazy.

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