CocoaVia Knows Their Audience!

Seen this morning on my commute, the ad men over at CocoaVia know just how to tap into the frustration many DC area metro riders experience…

CocoaVia ad seen on DC Metro

I have to wonder if this is being used in other markets.

screen capture of the CocoaVia website Their website has a similar ad, but it’s nicer to think that this is just a DC thing. Unfortunately for CocoaVia, more of us in the area need a transit health makeover than a heart health one. But you gotta respect that effort. Very clever.

I try to notice local ads on the train as it helps me find out about local events or exhibits, but this one gave me a smile on my way in. And frankly, if an ad isn’t going to succeed in selling me something, at the least it gives me a laugh and gets me to talk about it. :mrgreen:

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