home: snow day = chores?

snow-covered back patio

In which I break the habits of a lifetime and use a snow day to do chores…

Past Brian is looking at Present Brian today like “What gives, man?” OPM called it, federal offices closed, it’s an official snow day–sort of. I got to stay home, but still had to telework today. Thank you very much technology for making it possible for employees to report in and work no matter where they are… we really appreciate it. Really.

Normally on a day like today, working or not, I’d be a complete and utter bum, ass on the couch in front of the monitor, TV or computer, and generally being a lump. But–and maybe the sunny weather had something to do with it–whenever I had the chance, I was up and examining a pile of this, a corner of that, dusting, de-cluttering, trashing, being all, like, adult and stuff. Which is weird… for me.

my slightly flooded apartment floor Even considering the recent near-disaster of my dishwasher expelling water all throughout my first floor recently which caused me to toss out some affected items. This would normally guarantee that I was more sullen and anti-chores, not less. Perhaps it’s seeing things cleared off that haven’t been clear in months, maybe it’s early-onset Spring Cleaning, whatever it is, I’m trying my best to maintain this momentum so that it doesn’t stop.

I had to buy a new rug for the living room, and now I’m thinking I’ll buy an additional one and cover more of the floor. Painted concrete floors can be lovely, but when you’re on the ground floor with a large patio door, they’re mostly just cold, even in the warmer months.

Speaking of warmer months, I’m ready. I wanted one last snowstorm before Spring. We’ve now had it. Let’s warm it up, please! Even though I will likely complain about the heat when it comes, I can cope with being uncomfortable and sweaty much more easily than I can with just being cold. It’s also a lot easier to do chores and errands runs when the weather is pleasant and you don’t have to mummify yourself in warm clothes.

And I’ve been promising myself that I’ll write more. Honest. Even though I arrived at this independently, this ultimate secret to a successful blog is right on. Besides, I’ve been blogging for far too many years to worry about being interesting now! :mrgreen:

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