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So… that’s new. I’m used to getting random favorites and followers on instagram and most of them being “buy followers!” accounts, but this is a new tactic. At least it’s new to me.

instagram profile tiling multiple images together as a mosaic

It’s definitely impressive and is banking on the fact that even though you know it’s just a random instagram follower who glommed onto one of your hashtags or is just trying to boost their own profile, you’ll still click on it just to see if it’s someone who is 1: real, 2: cool and most importantly 3: cute.1

One of the drawbacks of instagram is still that it’s really bad with links and driving traffic anywhere else. It’s a very insulated social network. Everything is about keeping users there without any opportunity to click out. So while this is a cool idea, it still didn’t encourage me to click what I assume is an affiliate link.

Unfortunately I don’t really play those types of games nor do I own an Android phone… still, I give them credit for a nice try! Until instagram allows better links on photos, what else are passive income seekers (and a few spammer/scammer types) supposed to do? 🙄

This would be a really impressive thing to do if you had just started a new instagram account for an upcoming event or business, but I can’t see it being more than a one-shot deal. Once your photos are in someone else’s stream, this isn’t likely to make a whole lot of sense to your followers and the novelty will definitely wear off. Unless you do a proper photo-mosaic and each image can stand on its own. Now that might be cool!

And now I have ideas… :mrgreen:

1 Many of us know the pain of creeping through a hottie’s instagram archive and trying really hard not to double-tap on too many of them.

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  1. dakrĂłlak says:

    For a while now this mosaic posturing has been super popular with the art-school set. That & the amazing timelapse or 15s videos of the process have kept me tuned in. While the mosaic bothers me (on many levels) it is good for seeing detail work. That said, however seeing the whole thing — and not having to wade through a portfolio of their work (if prolific) and such would be nice. Have no idea WHY facebook won’t allow {live} linkage in the description or the comments, but it is annoying. Also holding them back! While their thinking probably has more to do with the link would take you OUT OF THE APP, which is what they are trying very hard not to do, some of their new introductions seem to imply that they are thinking about it. However, I’d take a damn analytics backend (NATIVE) before the linkage, even if it is just to figure out how many saw vs those that like…

    End the “walled garden” syndrome 2k15~~~~ FREE THE GRAM!!!! MY DAMN PICS, lemme share them my way!

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