Unlimited Power!!!

Allow me to–probably–misquote Are You Being Served:

Miss Brahms: What’s it like having so much power?
Capt. Peacock: Frightening!

That’s sort of how I feel being queer. We apparently have a staggering amount of power over world events. Just recently, the whole financial crisis? Oh that’s all us, baby!

The story Wall Street’s Woes Blamed On Gays details a recent blog entry from the Executive Director of the Christian Civil League of Maine saying that the crisis facing Wall Street is a symptom of America’s sinful sexual culture. Also a blog entry by the Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies published on the National Review’s website points out Washington Mutual’s last press release before it went under. The PR details WaMu’s recognition for their diversity efforts–including gay-friendliness.

It’s nothing new, queers were blamed for Katrina and 9/11. I can’t wait until we start getting blamed for all manner of things. “Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t get a cab… damn gays.” “You know it’s because of the lesbians that the line at my Starbucks is so long!” My steak was overcooked… I put on mismatched socks… They were out of my color of Hummers… My internet connection is down… I got a paper cut! It’s all the fault of America tolerating those queers!

Mmmm, such power. Feels kinda tingly! 😀

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7 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    My worry is that if this country suffers a truly monumental crisis, we will be more widely blamed, and therefore more widely attacked physically. Europe in the 14th century experienced a rise in violence against women, Jews and “sodomites” as a result of the economic upheavals brought on by the Black Plague and the Hundred Years War. More recently Weimar Germany had a thriving gay culture, and the first ever institute for gay studies, completely erased by the world economic upheavals and the rise of Nazi Germany.

    Never underestimate the power of fundamentalist evil coupled by universal fear.

  2. Neal says:

    I watched Small Town Gay Bar the other night. There was a segment on Westboro Baptist Church. I kind of enjoyed how much stress I seem to be causing those people. 😀

  3. Chris says:

    You? Misquote a Brit-com? That’s unpossible!

    Y’know, it’s a wonder us homos can actually perform sexually at all, what with all that attention focused on what we’re doing and the overwhelming pressure to be kinky and perverted and whatnot. Probably best not to think about it …

  4. William Mize says:

    Wonder Gay Powers! Activate!
    Shape of…..Economy Destroyer!
    Form of…..Despoiler of Youth!

    Man, the responsibility y’all bear, it must be a heavy weight upon your shoulders 🙂

  5. Fredo says:

    Feels kinda tingly? It tastes like burning to me.

  6. lacochran says:

    Remember us little people who read your blog when you finish taking over the world, m’kay?

  7. Gilahi says:

    I got a little sunburned recently and I want you to know that I blamed you. Not the gay community, just you personally. 🙂

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