Barkhaus: Why So Serious?!

I spent the day mostly taking it easy. A Monday off due to holiday isn’t really something to be trifled with unless you’re going away on vacation. Luckily, some local DC spots were doing Monday brunch, so while sipping a mimosa, I saw the following post by Barkhaus on instagram…

Why so serious!?

A photo posted by Barkhaus (@thebarkhaus) on

It fits in with their usual instagram theme, and why shouldn’t a doggie day care get to have a little bit of fun? As much as I love dogs, I wonder if working for a place like that would be my dream job or a nightmare.

In any case, I’m still jealous although I know it’s a lot of work. To be able to hang with some well-behaved, adorable dogs every day? I’m pretty sure I’d be a heck of a lot less stressed out. Then again, maybe not… those do look like some damn serious dogs. :mrgreen:

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