Scams: Dr. Ubakassi of West Africa

I can’t believe stuff like this is making it through Gmail’s spam filter, but it seems somewhat appropriate for Halloween…

Marvel Comics Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme

Are you disappointed in your life?? Have you failed in all worlds of life? Am called Dr. Ubakassi, A Love spell caster and Best Traditional healer in West Africa. And I am challenging everyone who have been trying to get help but with success. I have helped people fix their marriages relationships with my powerful love spell. I must be humbly say that I have an extremely high success rate for the following circumstances:

  • Extremely get your lover back
  • Capture the heart of the one that you love
  • Stop a divorce process
  • Sexual Attraction
  • Break them up and return my lover
  • Make the bond of love between you strong and unbreakable
  • Mend a broken heart
  • Get over some one
  • True Love Bringer Spell
  • Choose Me love spell.
  • Arouse Passion
  • Be relaxed, charming and witty.
  • Love portion
  • Divorce spells
  • Put wonderful joy, desire and passion into your relationship.
  • And ratify any spiritual situation.

If you need my help email me: Dr. Ubakassi Email


Best Regards.
Dr. Ubakassi.

Well, I know who I’m going to call when I want to extremely get my lover back, but at least I’ve already got the relaxed, charming and witty under control. Unfortunately, Dr. Ubakassi isn’t successful enough to take out metro and full page ads like Nouveau Water, but I guess all scams have to start somewhere, right?

Happy Friday, rolling into a 3-day weekend. Thanks, Columbus! That day off really makes up for you being, um, kinda awful actually and not all that much of a hero. But… yay, day off! :mrgreen:

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