TIME covers Trump meltdown

I’ve seen the media finally stop pulling their punches this election cycle, but it looks like TIME Magazine has run out of chill1. A comparison of their August and October covers and stories about the Trump campaign meltdown.

TIME Magazine cover, Inside Donald Trump's Meltdown

There is no doubt that the possibility Republicans will all but abandon Trump now haunts his struggling campaign. Since his convention in Cleveland, Trump has done almost nothing right by traditional standards. He has picked fights with senior Republicans and Gold Star parents, invited Russian spies to meddle in U.S. democracy, appeared to joke about gun enthusiasts’ prematurely removing a U.S. President from office. He’s shuffled campaign messages like playing cards and left GOP elders fretting that he lacks the judgment to be Commander in Chief.

Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown

TIME Magazine cover, Inside Donald Trump's Total Meltdown

From California to Florida, members of Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory council joined a late-afternoon emergency conference call on Oct. 9 to ponder the ugly spectacle of a 59-year-old man boasting about trying to seduce a married woman, forcing himself on others and getting away with it all because he was “a star.” It had to be an awkward moment for the faithful: Trump was bragging about sexual assault. “Grab them by the p-ssy,” the Republican nominee for President, now 70, was heard saying. “You can do anything.”

Inside Donald Trump’s Total Meltdown

1 And likely fucks too.

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