Getting over the Hump Day morning slump

All that muttering about folks not touching my half & half at work and I let my own at home go completely bad. Because I rarely touch it. Just one coffee in the morning on the weekends and one on my telework days. Actually, that doesn’t seem like much less time, does it? 4 days vs 3 days. However I don’t have people at home secretly stealing splashes from my carton. But I digress…

The point of all this was that this morning I’m teleworking because I put in some extra time at work yesterday afternoon. I make a coffee, pour my cream and after giving it a slight warm in the microwave, I noticed it smelled a bit off. I briefly pondered having straight black espresso, but decided I could do with the walk and a little grocery store visit. (I may have also thought of picking up a croissant to have with it.)1


Walking out, I was reminded of why I love the mornings I get to work from home and why I think everyone should have the opportunity to do so. I know it’s my own fault that I decided to work super early and be in the office around 7ish and leave before 4, but waking up to see the sun out. Even more, getting to walk around in it, is just so invigorating. I mean, even if I went in later, I still wouldn’t really feel like I had time for a morning walk or coffee before having to pull myself together and get on the train to the office.

I go for a walk after I get to the office, but it’s not quite the same thing. My mind is already in “work mode” and while the fresh air helps, you can’t shake the feeling of “I should probably be getting back inside.”

But not today. I had my coffee. I had a nice little sit on the sun-dappled patio. And then I had it with how messy it looked from fallen leaves and pollen and had to sweep it all up. All the while feeling a little less guilty about being away from the computer since my time’s a little more flexible when working from home. Back at my desk now though, windows open, sun streaming in and birds singing.

It’s almost like I’m not even at work! :mrgreen:

1 The grocery store didn’t have single croissants, only packs of six in the bakery. I thought that might be overkill.

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2 Responses

  1. Lindsay Harris-Friel says:

    I envy you so much. ❤️

    • urb says:

      Aw, don’t. I’ve still been somewhat tethered to my computer most of the day. And I have the added drawback of not being present in the office to give threatening looks to get shit done.

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