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Almost Famous... again

I’ve been featured more than a few times in the Express Blog Log and for a while I do admit to the odd post that was trying to catch their eye, but now that I’ve added myself into the DC Blogs live feed, I get plenty of traffic from around the area through that. Still it seems that less of my original thoughts (except that angry blogger one about Chinatown) and more of my referenced quotes or the second-hand stories that most personal-run blogs thrive on are the items getting attention. I typically save my IM logs because some of the chatter is downright hilarious and as such it’s really Kris that’s “almost famous” from my entry yesterday and not me, but I don’t mind the extra traffic at all.

I never have done anything with those IM logs. Most of them are saved to HTML, so I could probably go online with Lulu or similar and have them made into a book. Anyone (that isn’t an amazing writer like a certain William Mize that I know) had success or strife using Lulu to turn internet dross into paper product?

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