Summer Podcasts, Had Me a Blast…

Being “stuck” inside during a pandemic has meant that I’ve gotten involved in a lot more things than I ever thought I might. Mainly, I’ve leaned in a lot more to my creative efforts. For the most part that’s meant increasing the content creation on Twitch and working with other streamers and content creators for fun projects and collaborations.

As such, 2020 is my first time ever being on podcasts. I realize the joke about the pandemic was that literally everyone should not start a podcast, but look, when you’ve already got the equipment laying around and an idea to talk to people for an hour or so, why not?

I was mostly nervous because it’s not the kind of thing I’ve done before, and you can’t really go look up, “how to be on a podcast” on google. So my questions were the same they usually are for stuff like this, “what will we talk about?” “will we be on voice or video?” “when do you want to do it?” “how long will it take?” and of course, “what’s a podcast?” Ok, maybe I already knew that last one, but honestly, my inbox isn’t full of people wondering if I’d come on and talk for a while about who knows what, so I had to make sure it would work with scheduling and my actual interest in the show or topic.

Breakfast at Ruby’s

In June, a fellow streamer, ProjectRuby asked if I wanted to be their show Breakfast at Ruby’s mainly talking about the social media protest #TwitchBlackout, a 24-hour protest of Twitch’s inaction following multiple allegations of sexual assault. But, along with another frequent guest PassionsPlanet, we also talked about Mixer shutting down, and anything that had recently brought us joy: movies, books, music, etc. It was a great time!

Welcome to Breakfast at Ruby’s, a show where a few of your favorite content creators gather to discuss a few topics and spill ALL THE T! This week’s topics include:

  • Microsoft Shuts Down Mixer
  • Streamers Organize #TwitchBlackout to Protest Against Company’s Inaction Towards Racism, Sexism, Harassment and Abuse
  • What We’re Living For
  • Upcoming Projects & Events

We streamed it live, so it didn’t really feel like a podcast, more like a panel or honestly just a fun Zoom call with friends. OK… with one friend keeping us on track!

Screen Snark

A few months ago (oddly right around the same time I was on Breakfast at Ruby’s), Matt aka Stormageddon asked if I’d like to be on his show Screen Snark. Matt and co-host Rachel have guests on to discuss what they’ve recently watched and then follow it up with an interview. As formats go, it was right up my alley as I will frequently go on about several TV shows and movies, at length, no prompting.

Unfortunately, in the interim, life events happened and we weren’t able to sit down and record things until almost two months later, but we got it together and had a great time. I really wanted to talk about Star Trek: Lower Decks, but it’s still in the middle of a season, so I opted for the show I’d finished about when he first asked me, Motherland: Fort Salem.

Hello there Screen Beans! It’s new episode time and our guest is the incredible and brilliant Brian Gray aka urbanbohemian! With Brian we chat about how he got into streaming, some of his favorite games to play and stream, as well as same pre-fall witchy and nature goodness. We also deep dive on The Umbrella Academy, Infinity Train and Motherland: Fort Salem!

This one wasn’t streamed, so I could be a bit more comfortable, we were on a Zoom call just talking, I learned about some new shows that I have to make time for, and I got to geek out about a fantastic alternate history show with witches and magic, win/win!

Sometimes it feels that just with my own plans and schedule for my stream, I have no time for other projects, but I’m really glad Ruby and Matt asked me to come on their shows. Although I was nervous, I had a good time and they were fun conversations. It’s also nice to have the pre- and post- show chat with people who you probably only talk to via text/online.

*rubs hands together* So… who else wants to book this chatty nerd on a podcast? Hit me up! 💖

Background photo of featured image by Tommy Lopez from Pexels

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