Just a little lunch break walk…

With everything going on, I think I’ve already said that I pretty much only leave my apartment maybe once a week, and my building maybe once every two weeks. I mean, it’s the safer option during a pandemic, right? And I’m lucky in that I have a small outdoor space to myself. I can always sit out on the patio if I really need some fresh air and sun or moon light. But today was just too nice to stay inside.

I got over my anxiety and fear about other people and their safety precautions and took a walk down to the Rock Creek Park trails to head over to Peirce Mill because there’s a cute little mini falls there and it’s about a 2 mile walk from my place. I can usually reach there and back in about an hour at a brisk pace. I was completely overdressed for it, and pushed myself a little past my limits, but it was fun.

A little slower than my usual pace, but I had a great soundtrack thanks to Glitterbox and Mousse T that also kept time for me because I wondered how long I’d been going, and the mix is about an hour. One thing about wearing a mask, it keeps you from checking your phone as much, so I only brought it out to take photos.

I am not a scientist, so I won’t make too much comment on how many people on the trails were wearing masks versus not, and how many only pulled up their masks when they came near someone else. It didn’t freak me out too much, but I was able to walk about 4 miles in an hour without removing mine once. Was it comfortable? Not 100%, no. But I was totally fine with it on the whole time.

I can’t promise that I’ll be good and make a more regular walking routine of things, but it was really nice to get outside, get a dose of nature and Fall, and because I’m really rusty, my legs are now writing a strongly worded letter of protest. 💖

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