BlerdCon, July 27-29, 2018 – My Schedule

That’s right, I have a Con schedule, something I’ve never had before, but I’m looking forward to it. For the upcoming BlerdCon this weekend in Northern VA, a good friend asked me to be on two panels related to streaming–video game streaming, that is. I probably mentioned that I do that now, right?

Blerdcon is an event that highlights and celebrates Blerd culture and creates a marketplace of ideas where sharing that culture can take place with proper context, attribution and positivity in an inclusive environment.

Blerdcon is derived from the term “Blerd” which is short for black nerd. Blerd culture encompasses creatives, fans, producers who are and have been contributing to every fandom, but don’t get the recognition or notoriety.

Blerdcon celebrates our connection with LGBTQ, the disabled, POCs and the international community! All are welcome to partake in the experience as we are an open community who love all the same nerddom.

Real Talk on Streaming as a Hobby or Career
Saturday, July 28, 6-7:30pm

A lot of people think streaming is easy; you just turn on the console, PC, a cam and go! We’ll have a real talk convo on what actually goes into streaming whether or not you consider it a serious hobby or want to make a career out of it.

How to Broadcast Safely as a Marginalized Streamer
Sunday, July 29, 12 noon-1:30pm

Broadcasting games, creative work, cosplay, tabletop games, and other hobbies can be fun, but it can also be perilous for some of us. This panel will bring you some tips and tricks such as using bots, human mods and other methods to make your experience as stress free as possible.

So far, my experiences in streaming–as a hobbyist–have been pretty good, but I think I’ve been fortunate to have a good, small audience of mostly friends who keep my chat a good place, but that’s not always the case for a lot of streamers. So it will be interesting to get other perspectives on the landscape and hopefully the attendees will be inspired or encouraged to start or to keep at it.

This is my first time being on panels, and I think one or both of them may be streamed live, so even if you can’t visit, you can watch me be nervous online!

Here’s hoping the rain keeps to a minimum and everyone has a great weekend! :mrgreen:

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