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2009: I’m here to fix your… cable.

From the New York Daily News: A tongue-in-cheek calendar of Time Warner employees shows there’s more to being a cable guy than modems and routers. Snaps of cute workers flexing their muscles, having playful water fights or going through boot-camp...


Macy’s: Fabulosity

Loved this window display from the Macy’s in downtown DC. As Kyle said, it’s so clear that a member of our family had a heavy hand in putting this together.


UI: touchy-feely is still fine by me

This all started with a shared item from Kris’ Google Reader: FluidTunes Controls iTunes by Your Waving Hand. It actually looks pretty cool, your MacBook’s camera picks up your movements in relation to certain controls on the screen and you...


holiday: Repeal Day!

If you don’t already know and your friendly neighborhood lush hasn’t informed you, December 5th is Repeal Day. A day to celebrate the 21st amendment… that repealed the 18th amendment, which enacted prohibition. I’ll be out enjoying a drink with...


office: best advice ever

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to the day–hopefully day and a ½–off. I’m not bothering with all the nonsense of travel, but staying in town as in previous years. Like a moron, I also...


…comes great responsibility

I get an e-mail yesterday, sent to the original recipients at 1:45p Thursday afternoon, eventually forwarded to me at 3:05p: There will be a meeting this Friday to discuss [redacted]. The meeting will start at 9:00 am and could last...


9:30 Club BOGO Special

Oops, I totally forgot to mention this earlier. Right now, from 10a-11a EST, the 9:30 Club is offering a Buy One Get One special for any show there, purchased through It’s their Election Hangover Special and from what I’ve...


election 2008: who needs CNN?!

If you aren’t watching or don’t have access to what’s pretty much the political version of The View on CNN, Google has created a “real time” gadget to track the election results. It’s pretty snazzy: Thanks James for the heads-up....