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Best Cat GIF Ever?

I don’t know if this is really the best cat GIF ever, but it’s certainly giving me a smile this morning. If I had energy like that? Who’d need coffee?! — Revisiting an old favorite. At times, Facebook’s “On This Day” is good for making me laugh instead of making me sad.


…for video?!

I saw the above comic in the premiere issue of Bash Magazine, a new alternative comic monthly being distributed in the D.C. metro area. It’s just 15 pages long, but there are some really nice comics in it. There’s a...


When Kitties Attack!

So today wasn’t all that bad of a day. Work was… work. I left after a half-day to visit with Justin at the hospital and get directions on tending to the boys. The plan was to visit, get keys and...


Ankh, originally uploaded by Sombra. from someone else’s photostream on flickr… this cat has the right idea.