When Kitties Attack!

10/4/07 13:17

So today wasn’t all that bad of a day. Work was… work. I left after a half-day to visit with Justin at the hospital and get directions on tending to the boys. The plan was to visit, get keys and instructions, head home to a zipcar, pick up his friend and head on out. Of course, that had to go wrong. I get home and realize that I was so happy marvelling at Justin’s total turnaround from yesterday that I forgot to get the keys. So we swung by the hospital and headed out to Bailey’s Crossroads. After a little visit and a little playtime…

[flv:kitty_break.flv 320 240]

We cleaned up after them, got them fed, cleaned up any food sitting around the apartment and got his mail. The boys should be fine for another few days, but hopefully Justin will be out of the hospital soon! *fingers crossed*

After we handled the chores I realized that, as usual, I had booked the car for way too long. So I decided the only thing for it was to go shopping — grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I must admit, that is one thing I do miss about living in Alexandria with a car, my bi-monthly trips to TJs. So I’m pretty stocked up for a few weeks now on really yummy goods and all too fairly priced.

I spent a few more hours at the hospital with Justin, but he is so much further along the road to recovery that I figured he’d be better off just enjoying his own headspace this evening. It’s just great to see him smiling and laughing… yes and burping and farting as well. Hopefully this means one “Sicko” down and one more to go! My brother’s recovery is going to be quite long, but he’s stubborn and strong, he’ll pull through it with some time.

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