Best Cat GIF Ever?

Revisiting an old favorite. At times, Facebook’s “On This Day” is good for making me laugh instead of making me sad.

Best cat gif ever? Slow-motion shot of a cat leaping for a toy.

It’s tiny (at its actual size) because… back in the day1, images on the internet were small.2

I’m not really a cat GIF connoisseur, but on this rainy — but not cold — Monday, I find myself wishing I had that cat’s hustle. I’ve been at the mercy of relentless felines before, but that gif makes me think I wouldn’t even need coffee! :mrgreen:

1 All the way back to 2011!

2 But certainly not in size? 6 MB for a single animated GIF? Ridiculous. Even Twitter wouldn’t let you post that nowadays.

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