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Fat, Flavor and Cheese

A quote from this article–pointed out by Ellie Krieger on twitter–on American cheese producers and the struggle to slim down their offerings really resonated with me. Most of the article is fairly scientific about cheese production and what the reduction in fats and sodium will do, but anyone who’s tried to eat or cook with reduced-fat or fat-free cheese will probably agree with this sentiment…

“When you take a lot of the fat out, essentially cheese will turn into an eraser…”


foodie: DC farmer’s markets

Not all of my posts will be about the apartment hunt, just many of them. As I’m not sure if I’ll be saying goodbye to my neighborhood or not, I figure it’s a good idea to get out and about...


review: Locanda

It’s been a few nights since I had dinner at Locanda with Tim, but it’s still very memorable. I found that, for all of my foodie ways, when it comes to Italian cuisine I am completely unprepared for the myriad...