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video: Shatner Fryers Club

Sad as it makes this Southern boy, I have always maintained a “no frying” rule in my apartments for many reasons, the resulting weight gain and lingering smell chief amongst them. Still, on Thanksgiving Eve, I can’t help but long...


RIP: Loleatta Holloway, 1946-2011

Some sad news if you’re a lover of Disco and/or House music–or even just Disco/House Divas. Loleatta Holloway, best known for “Love Sensation,” passed away at the age of 64 after a period of poor health.


video: we’re uh… NOT the dancers

It seems to have been the week for men in leotards. I haven’t been watching Prototype This! very much since it’s pretty much Mythbusters with less explosions and seeming more scenes of them hurting themselves. I honestly haven’t been a...


the REAL show about nothing

Sunrise Earth should be made a controlled substance. Watching it creates a sort of mellowed-out state that I used to only experience while watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child. It’s both a nature show and in HD, so that’s...


it’s such a brilliant place!

Since a lot of what I watch is on Discovery and Science Channels, I have been completely unable to avoid their new promotion and jingle/song. Just reading today’s xkcd gave me an earworm for about an hour. [audio:boomdeyada.mp3] But lucky...



Since I watch a lot of Discovery Channel and its many spawned networks, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for their new network Planet Green. Nationals Ballpark has been running a series of full-page ads on the back of...