PostSecret: I hope energy costs continue to rise.  People will NEVER change just because it is right.

Since I watch a lot of Discovery Channel and its many spawned networks, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for their new network Planet Green. Nationals Ballpark has been running a series of full-page ads on the back of Express advertising a special night and how they’re the first green ballpark in the country. From the commercials, it looks like Planet Green will be just like any other network: stars, game shows, reality shows, etc. all with the green slant.

Illustration: Michael Witte

I think this is great. I also wish they’d shut up about it already. Note, I really do think it’s great. But what I notice is that it’s spawning a bunch of pseudo-eco-llectuals who can’t wait to not only tell you of their latest planet-saving efforts, but to also look down their nose at what you’re not doing. Or when you are making a solid effort, to tell you that it’s still not enough. And often these are the same people who only last week started off their “green” efforts by taking their own bags to the 3 grocery stores they drove to in a single day.

A new employee here is very eco-friendly/green. He does all the right things, reads Treehugger, his family is being raised with eco-sensibility and most importantly… he’s quiet about it. But the woman sitting right next to him got hit with green fever and she wants to know all there is to know. I call her Captain Planet, not because her efforts are particularly great — they aren’t — but because she’s so loud about it. “If everyone knows I’m green, it must make me even more green!

I’d love it if all it took was a new network and some sexy stars to effect change, but I think most people have made their choices. Nearly everyone I know has a good balance between personal care and planet care, so unless something major happens to shake things up or make things far more convenient, I think we’ve plateaued. But hopefully I’m wrong. Just remember… The Power Is Yours! :mrgreen:

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  1. Danacea says:

    Greenius – I know *exactly* the archetype of person you mean, and it doesn’t only apply to the eco-aware 🙂

    In re-enactment, we would term such a person a ‘five-minute Viking’; someone who’d been in just long enough to gain a little confidence and then had to tell EVERYONE what a master warrior or craftsman they were, and impart their superior moral standing and knowledge.

    Tell her there’s a great use for a plastic bag… :mrgreen:

  2. I got scolded by an eco-lectual for reading the newspaper this morning about how the only thing worth reading is Ad Busters, and I should be ashamed for promoting corporate America.

    I’m all about helping the Earth, but it’s just another thing for people to be righteous and self-congratulatory about.

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