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video: ‘Planet Earth’ narrated by kids

I love me some nature documentaries, be they heartwarming or heartbreaking and truth be told, it was catching sight of “Planet Earth” on Blu-Ray in an electronics store that really got me wanting to buy an HDTV. I’m also a...


IRL: Superheroes

Throughout the land, real life superheroes exist amongst us. They are ordinary people who don capes, masks and alter egos to bravely battle crime, apathy and homelessness, in order to right the wrongs of society.


What’s really in the mind’s eye?

With the WGA holding firm, I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of saved episodes, Netflix DVDs and I’ve found other shows to watch, many of which are no longer in circulation. One of those is “Brain Story,”...


at your desk or on your iPod

For those of you that haven’t seen it or have no plans to see it in the theater, and didn’t obtain a copy when it was leaked on the ‘net, Michael Moore’s Sicko is available to view and download in...


RSS Roundup

It was a bit of a busy weekend and a bit of a busy week so far at the office, so I’m finally catching up on my feeds. What would I be without my link posts? Is Apple aiming at...