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It was a bit of a busy weekend and a bit of a busy week so far at the office, so I’m finally catching up on my feeds. What would I be without my link posts?

Steve Jobs and his browser pie chart
Is Apple aiming at Firefox?

This picture shocked me a little bit not because of what’s there, but what is glaringly missing. Doesn’t Steve Jobs think any other browsers deserve a market share? John Lily, COO of Mozilla has some thoughts about the impending duopoly. In his entry, he shows the “before” graph where Jobs does acknowledge other browsers in the here and now, but the above picture is Steve’s vision of the future where only the OS developers will be creating browsers.

Trans Injustice in Philadelphia Queerty reports on the murder of Erika Keels and the lack of action by the police to view it as anything more than an accident. Women of Color blog has information on the community action and support so far.

“Red Without Blue” a documentary on identical twins growing up, coming out, and one brother having a sex change. The SF Chronicle article on the movie makes it sound pretty fascinating and I hope that it will be coming to DC for a screening, or will be available through other means. Ah, Sundance channel will air it next week, I hope I get that station.

Some of the Go Softwear team from the UCLA Undie Run
UCLA Undie Run, Now With More School Spirit

I can’t make it through the queer feeds without seeing a little (or a lot of) skin. Why doesn’t any school in DC do an undie run?!

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  1. Chris says:

    Why doesn’t any school in DC do an undie run?!

    Do you really want the USDA Graduate School to do an undie run? 😯

    Be careful what you wish for …

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