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music: sharin’ the seasonal tunes

I completely forgot to mention yesterday, if you don’t happen to have a collection of alternative* holiday music, check out SomaFM’s Christmas Lounge (iTunes/Windows Media) I’ve been streaming it at work from time to time and at home to get...


Lounge tonight, for tomorrow we may die!

Or at least that’s what it felt like early this morning. I put together a little happy hour outing last night to Larry’s Lounge on 18th St NW just off Dupont Circle. It’s a great place, but the one benefit...


Meglio stasera, baby, go-go-go!

It Had Better Be Tonight is one of my all-time favorite songs, ever since seeing/hearing it in The Pink Panther. I’ve heard various versions, usually my favorite is the one by Lena Horne but Michael Bublé is doing a cover...