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I left my heart in Chinatown

SF’s chinatown is very weird, though. I couldn’t find a single Fuddrucker’s or Potbelly’s. Not even a Chipotle. I asked one chinese lady where their bowling alley and movie theaters were, and she just stared blankly back at me. From...


new moon on monday

Sadly, the new moon didn’t help my bowling at all, my average continues to drop, but only by a point this week. Somehow Rob forgot it was bowling night so it was just Jenifer and I up against another team...


I have mastered The El Paso

Well maybe not mastered, but I woke up still remembering the steps, and that’s pretty good. Jhim took me to dinner for my birthday last night and took me to Remington’s for line dance lessons. Dinner was great at Meyhane,...