I left my heart in Chinatown

SF’s chinatown is very weird, though. I couldn’t find a single Fuddrucker’s or Potbelly’s. Not even a Chipotle. I asked one chinese lady where their bowling alley and movie theaters were, and she just stared blankly back at me.

From the Rock Creek Rambler’s account of San Francisco’s Chinatown, and oh so consistent with the memory of my trip there compared to what DC’s “Chinatown” has become in recent years. The Washington Post Express must really be loving the Chinatown quotes too, since it made their daily Blog Log.

My weekend was pretty much non-noteworthy. I got to spend some time with Jhim and with Jenifer, we were in a bowling tournament and she kicked much ass. I’m going to start putting $5 on each of our games on Monday nights to see if I can encourage the same spirit on a regular basis. (She already owes me $5 for a bet we made but she’s welshing on it because she says ‘Oh no, we didn’t shake on it!’ – Yeah, that’s right Jenifer.. I’m Calling. You. Out.)

Otherwise, I spent a LOT of time inside, watching TiVo, cleaning up and just vegging. No computer time aside from e-mail/chat and downloads, no gaming. And it started to feel like detox, the less I gamed, the less I wanted to. I’m sure I’ll have those all night long gaming sessions again sometime soon, but it was nice to do something else for a change. I watched Battlestar Galactica, but it was dragging so much (I know this was for dramatic effect, but COME ON!) that I turned on the captions and hit the single FF key (any faster and the captioning doesn’t work) to move through some of the parts. I’m not sure if this is me being lazy or just my brain wanting them to get to the freaking point, but I watched a lot of saved shows like that this weekend.

Back to enjoying lunch, chili and fruit salad, the perfect combination.

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