new moon on monday

Sadly, the new moon didn’t help my bowling at all, my average continues to drop, but only by a point this week. Somehow Rob forgot it was bowling night so it was just Jenifer and I up against another team of two as their third was also out. We won one game, lost 2 and total pins, and they were pretty close games aside from the last one. At least it was an early night.

At home I caught up on “Charmed” (I had no idea it started two weeks ago!) and was trying to catch up on the show “Extras” only to find that the entire first series already aired on the beeb, so I managed to collect all of those too, which is good, since apparently I’m paying for HBO, but my cable box and TiVo unit can’t manage to find it. That’s ok, it seems to find everything else ok though I did have to reboot the unit the other evening as it wasn’t picking up any stations at all, but the other non-TiVo tv was just fine, weird. “Charmed” is having a bit of fun with the “we almost didn’t get renewed” thing, I think. There have already been homages in the first two episodes to Alias, Buffy and Sex and the City. I’m not feeling the punch of previous seasons, but they’re just getting started. I also picked up a few seasons of “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” which will make good baking/cleaning viewing background noise.

In other news, all the windows are open and I’m really enjoying it, aside from the explosions the other evening it’s great to have airflow in the place and not worry about constantly adjusting the air. I do get a lot of heat being on the top floor, but with the windows open cool air is coming in all the time, love it. There isn’t quite enough autumn scent in the air to spur me to baking, but it’s close, I sense a pie in my near future.. and hopefully hanging out with friends shortly afterwards to get rid of the excess.

There are a few things I want to get going now that the weather’s nicer and I’ll probably be issuing some e-mails and invites out sooner or later, I just have to sort out the things I don’t mind doing on my own from the things that I’ll cancel if there’s no interest. Coming up shortly, I would like to go to Lizard Lounge this Sunday for those that don’t have work on Monday and want to do something off-the-norm, let me know if anyone’s interested.

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  1. MiKe says:

    See, it all depends. I’m not sure if Chris has plans on returning to DC this weekend or not. If so, then I’d love to hang out, but if not, then it’ll have to be another time.

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