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the Lorax: I speak for the SUVs?!

I don’t use the horrible hyperbole of “raping my childhood”1 that too may are willing to throw at just about anything that doesn’t respect their very specific and unwavering nostalgic vision of something they loved when they were a kid....


video: ‘The Help’ in 3-D

You haven’t seen the Black struggle… until you’ve seen it in 3-D. Extra Butter, Please is a new series from Los Angeles-based comedy group Reckless Tortuga being produced for MTV’s Next Movie. In their first episode, they skewer The Help...


movies: out of ideas?

Interesting article by Mark Harris at GQ, The Day the Movies Died. It starts off talking about the industry-unexpected success of Inception and goes on to discuss the same lament so many have about movies these days… there’s nothing new anymore.


gadgets: Netflix on iPhone/iPod Touch

That sound you may have just heard was the sound of office productivity dropping… or perhaps increasing. Thanks to a tweet from Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! I discovered that Netflix has finally released their app*–initially just for iPad–for...


reviews: flawless victory

The reviews for The Last Airbender have, so far, been delicious in their hatred for the movie. It seems that our culture always needs a whipping boy, so to speak, and this movie is the current one bent over with...


moving: how do YOU stay sane?

What I thought was crunch time was not crunch time. This is crunch time.*  Yesterday was spent mostly packing items away and marking items for the trash.  Our building’s trash area was open in the morning while Fiesta DC was...


night out: The Two Towers at Wolf Trap

I really wish I’d mentioned this sooner so people would have had a chance to make plans to go. A few weeks ago, I won my company’s ticket raffle for Wolf Trap tickets to see The Lord of the Rings:...


movies: just say Brü-NO

It’s no secret that I don’t plan to see or rent Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie based on awkward situations and ambush comedy surrounding an uncanny valley-like main character. There have been a few articles out about him playing...