in DC: Dark Knight Tumbler Tour

I confess1 that for all my love of comic books, I am not really all that into the latest incarnation of Batman movies, The Dark Knight trilogy. I like Batman, but something about the movies just doesn’t do it for me, though I will say that like many movies today, they’re beautifully shot. But just because I don’t get the nerd tingles doesn’t mean that a whole lot of people do, and based on the response to the latest trailers, if you’re in DC this weekend, this event is definitely for you:

The Tumbler and the Bat-Pod are hitting the road and traveling across North America. Check the list of stops below to see if the Dark Knight’s wheels are pulling into a town near you. More stops are scheduled to be added so be sure to look for updates.

Tumbler Tour

Some sources say that the Tumbler Tour will be in DC both Saturday and Sunday, but their official website only lists Sunday for DC, so plan accordingly. And it’s going to be a hot weekend out there, so maybe leave the Bat-Suit at home. :mrgreen:

1 I sure confess a lot of things here, what is this, some kind of blog?

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