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and time… is still marching on

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year. That explains my mood perfectly! It’s about a month before my birthday and it seems like no matter how carefree I may or may not have been all year, for the next 30...


One Game to Rule them All

Sluggy Freelance is doing a fantastic job skewering WoW in his recent Chapter titled Years of Yarncraft. Not that I don’t like MMOs, but strips like this morning’s remind me why sometimes I don’t miss them.


5… MILLION dollars!

Apparently some couch potatoes are suing Microsoft for over 5 million dollars over the holiday Xbox Live outage. In the cosmos of frivolous lawsuits in which people apparently don’t realize that coffee may be hot and people can be clumsy,...


Silly online game addictions

I can not stop playing ZWOK. It’s the usual simple projectile/angle/force game, but you can sign up for an avatar and over time you earn more types of projectiles and it’s cute in a kinda Tim Burton’esque Beetlejuice sorta way....