and time… is still marching on

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year. That explains my mood perfectly! It’s about a month before my birthday and it seems like no matter how carefree I may or may not have been all year, for the next 30 days I just feel older and older.

And sure I can be introspective, and I can examine where my life is and where it’s going and all that crap. But honestly, it’s just making me moody and leaving me in a horrible funk and that’s not the kind of funk I prefer!

But at least there’s more moderate weather to look forward to. That’s something, right?

In non-life-crisis news, I can’t tell yet if I’m excited about Star Trek Online. I know Cryptic can do a good product, I just wish they’d get to developin’ and release something new. Between that and Champions Online, I could be a very happy gamer. Besides, Penny Arcade’s take on questing in Star Trek Online is just too funny.

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