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The centre cannot hold

Sometime over a year ago, a friend that I hadn’t spoken to in a while called me up and said that while friendships are fluid and do come to an end that he wasn’t ready for that to happen yet....


on the elevator: bad karma?

It hasn’t been very good lately, that’s for sure. It’s like other people have been forgetting how elevators work. I notice it mostly at the office. There’s the simplest behavior: trying to get out on every floor thinking it must...


“It wasn’t in a skanky way.”

After seeing all the hubbub over the Vanity Fair photospread featuring Miley Cyrus, I meant to post this last night. One of the concerns seems to be that “maturity” and sexual awareness keeps shifting to a younger generation. I’ve only...


Outright Passé

This is a speech bubble from Supergirl & The Legion of Super-Heroes #17. Through a series of improbable events, Supergirl has traveled to the 31st Century and is in a bit of awe at how much things have changed. The...


Le Transfert de Masse

Seen around the web in a few places, this made me laugh and then it made me a little sad. 😳 The original source article is in French, so translate at your own risk, but it’s so true.



Since it may turn out to be a mild, though not necessarily pretty, day I decided to leave my satchel at home. I’m sure Ford Prefect is looking down on me with disappointment. I don’t know how people do it....


Where Are They Now? — at Target!

Another interesting thing about the new (currently) Target-centric retail complex is the number of people one is likely to run into there. From neighbors to people that live across town. It’s barely been open 2 weeks so now is the...


Would ya believe this is *clean*?

I meant for it to look this way, honest! How could I sleep on a bed full of dirty clothes?! The times I have done that in college notwithstanding, it’s laundry day! I woke up feeling like my stomach was...