Where Are They Now? — at Target!

Another interesting thing about the new (currently) Target-centric retail complex is the number of people one is likely to run into there. From neighbors to people that live across town. It’s barely been open 2 weeks so now is the time to come check it out, of course. I’m still a headphones shopper, so without any outside aural distractions, it’s a lot easier to see a face and connect it with where I might know them from.

Rare Quiet

People from the neighborhood and in-town friends or people from online, out at the bars, on the metro, ex-boyfriends, one-date/no callbacks. Even people that I know but wouldn’t lift a finger to see how I’m doing have run into me and wanted to stop and chat my ear off. This afternoon was a particularly good one, a couple of friends that I haven’t talked to in ages and neither one of us seemed terribly bothered by it asked me, “That fire didn’t affect you did it, because we were both wondering if you were ok.” — I shouldn’t be so cruel, I mean it’s only logical to assume that they’d run into me at Target and see that I was just fine.

The Bed Bath & Beyond is open now and in the next 11 days we’ll have both the Marshall’s and Best Buy to peruse as well. I have to admit, now that I’m in Spring Cleaning mode, it is nice to have those things down the block. It’s now nothing for me to think that I should toss out something that is in need of replacing and know that I can head down the road to do so. In the past that would involve planning and getting a zipcar and trying to find a time when the crowds would be low, etc. Unfortunately there are still a lot of things I want that won’t be found even amid the combination of those big-box stores, so I may well still have a lot of stuff delivered, or have to head out to Pentagon City for certain things. It’s all good though and convenience plus accessibility is never a bad thing for the “gotta have” items.

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  1. Lolypup says:

    You can usually find me in the bathroom so the next time your doing your shopping and need a “pee” break come say hi!

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