4/1/08 11:42
Since it may turn out to be a mild, though not necessarily pretty, day I decided to leave my satchel at home. I’m sure Ford Prefect is looking down on me with disappointment. I don’t know how people do it. I feel naked! I was actually feeling a bit proud of myself for being able to manage everything in my pockets until I remembered that I also needed room for lunch. Now I think I understand the rationale behind the hoodie.

I thought I’d try a day or two without a bag because this past week I’ve seen so many people guilty of bag abuse. It’s an extension of the “there’s no one in the world but me” syndrome. Small purses are fine, thin briefcases or satchels are ok too. The less attached to or draped over your body, the better. But somehow people these days need huge bags while also remaining ignorantly unaware of the size of those bags and their inability to just “fit in”. Guys in suits wear huge backpacks with a whole lotta back, if you know what I mean, so when they turn quickly they smack other metro riders in the head. Women carry not only their large purses but also over-sized briefcases on wheels. I’m of the opinion that if you really need that many documents to carry back and forth every day, it’s time for your office to go paperless.

I’m not targeting the gym bag carriers, though some of those are larger than need be, or the actual travelers with (mini-)luggage. It’s more like when you have a house or apartment move and you’re doing it yourself. Back in the day, the better truck rental places would give you a little lesson on driving, mirrors and being aware of the larger size of your vehicle. I’m thinking that maybe commuters need the same sort of lessons. When your backpack extends out nearly a foot behind you, or you have your take-home office trailing behind you both beneath the range of vision and so slowly that people are tripping over it, or you’re taking so much stuff with you that at first glance all your crap on a metro seat next to you actually does look like another person occupying it. Actually that last category is my favorite because I will always point and say “Excuse me, may I sit there?” when the train is full not only because they are so sure they’ve marked their territory that no one would ever dare ask but mainly because they can’t say no.

I am kinda missing my camera and my pocket full o’ change and other things I’ve tucked away into that bag, but overall it was kinda nice. I think I should look into coats with more pockets. Back in 2001 or so, Dockers advertised the Mobile Pants with a really cute commercial. Sort of a reverse cargo pants for mobile gadgets. I found one or two reviews that seemed to really like them, but I guess they didn’t take off since I can’t seem to find a reference to them now.

The main benefit I’m noticing to not having a bag this morning is that just having my jacket on and entering or leaving the office doesn’t give a clear impression whether I’m just getting in, coming back from a break, leaving for lunch or sneaking out for the day. Bonus!

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3 Responses

  1. A marvelous post, but mobile pants? Honey, my thighs are chunky enough without attaching cell phones and cameras.

  2. Scott says:

    Maybe you need 5.11 Tactical Pants (AKA Andy Ihnatko‘s Internet Pants – he rates them highly).

  3. Lolypup says:

    First I hate your blog because the comment section never remembers my info. I think I made a comment before about metro riders with rolling briefcases, they are one of my biggest pet peeves, take your U-Haul hitch out of the system, Thank you very much!

    Anyways, out of curiosity, What kind of bag do you normally carry and pictures please!

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