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more signs and portents

brings us a potential peek ahead to something not at all unfamiliar to B5 fans. I was fairly numb to finding out about the news, what really got me was how the NSA killed the Justice Department inquiries by not...


*plays Imperial March*

Ah yes, that empire is coming along nicely, we’ll just set them up for the next monarch in the line of succession: Jeb Would Make a ‘Great President,’ Bush Says


an ironic juxtaposition

The fact that Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Speech both take place in the same week represents an ironic juxtaposition: One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication....


Separated at birth?

Separated at birth? uploaded by flickrite TerranceDC. Swamped at work today, but time for a quick funny from a flickr friend.


What God Really Told Bush

A very amusing article/column, and I needed a chuckle this morning. I’m in a tie, I feel like I’m back in Sunday School… HATE HATE HATE. What God Really Told Bush / Apparently, it wasn’t just “invade Iraq and Afghanistan...


Teh funneh

from What is George Bush’s position on Roe v. Wade?


Separated at Birth?

Condoleezza Rice [full image here] Nurse from “Eye of the Beholder” [full image here] Something about Condi’s picture today just struck me as familiar… And she totally looks like a Domme in that outfit. Moose could learn something! From now...


kansas is going bye-bye

I must be a bad homosexual.. I could care less about The Wizard of Oz and/or Judy Garland. What I do care about is that we have two weenie presidential candidates, neither of which would be a man in the...