kansas is going bye-bye

I must be a bad homosexual.. I could care less about The Wizard of Oz and/or Judy Garland. What I do care about is that we have two weenie presidential candidates, neither of which would be a man in the beginning of this whole mess and just concede properly, now both of them are embarrassing the country acting like the presidency is nothing more than a case on Judge Judy that they can make the best case for. I almost wish it were on Judge Judy, much as I hate her show, but at least then we’d have a decision that we could all cope with.

It’s so very tempting to just “vanish” with respects to Larry, block him completely when it comes to instant messages, but as Shawn reminds me, that’s not very mature.

I’m realizing the main difficulty with trying to “date” multiple guys instead of just “seeing” them.. I have no kind of home life anymore. I had to bring bills here to the office to pay them ‘cos I never have time to at home, plus when you’re dating more than one person and you’ve chosen not to tell any of them this, there’s always the misdirection. “Where were you? What were you up to? Who were you out with?” Admittedly, no one has the right to give anyone the 3rd degree, but it is a little hard to seem like you’re just hanging out all the time at home when your place looks like a mess and you always seem kinda worn out. I guess as much as I want a relationship, I’m now realizing the benefits of doing more waiting and sampling than looking and settling. I’ve always sort of been a settler. Staying with someone that I feel from the beginning won’t last, yet I stay with them in the hope that it does, not thinking that I’ve already doomed things to fail. Darian, Jayson, Michael & Edwin, to name a few. I need to start paying attention to those inner feelings a bit more. Even if it makes me single, it’s better to be moderately unhappy and single, than miserable while with someone that’s supposed to make you “happy.”

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