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in DC: Whisked!

Coming this weekend to the 14th & U St Farmers Market is Whisked!, the brain child of two DC food bloggers who turned their love of baking into a full time pursuit. Blending regional influences of the Pacific Northwest and the American South, they create treats unlike any other.


food: Bake Sale update!

You do know there’s a bake sale this Saturday, right? 14th & U Farmers Market, 9a-1p, supplied and staffed by your local DC food bloggers? If you’re one of my regular readers*, of course you do! I’ll be honest, I...


theatre: Looped at the Lincoln

I can usually count the number of plays I see each year on one finger, but I’m starting to think it’s time to change that. I saw Arena Stage’s “Looped” last night at the Lincoln Theatre with my friend Greg...


foodie: DC farmer’s markets

Not all of my posts will be about the apartment hunt, just many of them. As I’m not sure if I’ll be saying goodbye to my neighborhood or not, I figure it’s a good idea to get out and about...


art: Faces of Change

Last night Kyle and I headed all the way across 16th to the Latin American Youth Center’s Art & Media House to attend the open house/closing reception for the exhibit Dos Caras Del Cambio/Two Faces of Change detailed in an...


Only Gyllenhall and Ledger are allow to hug!

”He was like, ‘You guys got to get out,’ and I’m like, ‘What am I getting put out for?’” says Hill, a music student at Howard University. “The security guard couldn’t even tell me. He was like, ‘I don’t know,...