in DC: Whisked!

With Spring in DC come the Farmers Markets. Actually, the DC area is pretty well flush with them. Whether you want to do your shopping on a weekday evening or a weekend, you won’t have much trouble finding one within walking distance of a metro station.

One of my favorites is the Saturday morning market at 14th & U Sts NW one block west of the U Street metro station. I mostly like it because it’s easy to get to–being near where I live–and that it’s not too big, barely taking up about a city block. Because of this, the farm stand offerings don’t overlap too much and with a quick stroll back and forth, you can pick up everything you need and be on your way.* And while there are stands selling baked goods along with other wares, a new stand may give you pause this coming weekend and a good reason to linger.

Whisked! is the new business–more a labour of love–of two local food bloggers that know their way around a kitchen. Jenna of Modern Domestic brings a Pacific Northwestern influence to their wares, while Stephanie of Adventures in Shaw complements that with Southern flair. Their website with online shop is online today and they’re already accepting orders for local (DC area) delivery and pick up at the 14th & U Market this Saturday.

I’ve sampled more than a few of their goodies and I asked them what they’d have for sale at the market this weekend:

We will have our turtle, granola & Cracker Jack bars, all our sweet cookies, cupcake sampler packs, raspberry hand pies, our Mediterranean tart, our asparagus & goat cheese tart and 7 Up pound cake! Come early for the best selection!

Seriously, come early. The market opens at 9am and with the buzz they’re getting, if you want a taste of their wares, I’d advise being there at or soon after the opening bell.

* I treat most farmers market shopping like surgical strikes. I have a list and try not to get distracted. I get there early, pick up what I want and I’m gone before the crowds hit.

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  1. Shaw Girl says:

    Thank you so much for the post about us! You know you can always sample my goodies…wait, that didn’t come out right.

  2. Shaw Girl says:

    Well now you’ve made it sound even more pervy!

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