art: Faces of Change

Last night Kyle and I headed all the way across 16th to the Latin American Youth Center’s Art & Media House to attend the open house/closing reception for the exhibit Dos Caras Del Cambio/Two Faces of Change detailed in an August news release:

Dos Caras de Cambio/Two Faces of Change: This summer, 45 community artists age 14-18 from neighborhoods across D.C. worked at AMH as part of the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program. They created art that reflects what they learned as they researched, observed, and asked questions about Columbia Heights and U Street.

I was really impressed by the students’ work, and there were some imaginative exhibits. One of the first things you see when you enter are empty soup and bean cans dangling from cords. At first glance I assumed they were all connected to a partner can on the other side of the tree above. There were two people on either side pulling them taut and trying to telephone each other. Turns out some of the cans had speakers inside and when listening, you could hear the sounds of Columbia Heights. I picked up one and remarked to Kyle, “Sounds like a weekend with my windows open.” There were also some chalkboards on which were posted not only the artists’ thoughts on the changes of Columbia Heights and U Street, but it appeared as though patrons were invited to share their own thoughts as well.

I’m glad Kyle dragged me out to see this as I generally use too much of my evening to slough off the feeling of the workday and before I know it, it’s bedtime! I have been guilty of saying “there’s nothing to do” and I’ve been taken to task for it. There really are tons of venues and opportunities for entertainment and enlightenment out there. I just have to make it back out of the house and see them!

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2 Responses

  1. Neal says:

    I tried to drag some friends out last night to see an art exhibit/screening of Pink Flamingos complete with a Divine drag queen. You could even get your picture taken with “Divine” in an oversized baby crib. GOOD TIMES! I couldn’t convince anyone to go. It was “too late on a work night” and “it’ll be too crowded” blah blah blah. I should have gone by myself but I succummed to the mood suckage.

  2. brian says:

    @Neal: I can relate. I really dislike going places alone, but I’m trying to get over it because while my friends don’t explicitly say “too late” or “school night” — well one does, but he’s honest about it — it would still come down to me being more the organizer when it came to someplace new. Not that hanging out in the same ol’ places isn’t fun, but sometimes change is good.

    Perhaps that should be the slogan when I open up my bar: Change you can Drink in!

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