the rest of the evening was unremarkable

Well I completely skipped yesterday’s entry. But it was a very busy day. Timesheets due at work, trying to help Shelby arrange her going away party and trying to get out of the office by 1pm so I could get back home and see X-Men with Shawn. I managed to pull most of it off, but I still fail to see why the members of my team at work have such trouble doing timesheets. I’ve never seen people who have such difficulty writing down a Time In and a Time Out every day.

X-Men was AWESOME. I will probably end up seeing another showing of it this weekend or when I’m in California. The rest of the evening was unremarkable really, went to Shawn’s place and we shot the breeze for a while, then back home to get online and chat with friends. Two new people made visits to my website. (When I say people I mean those that made their presence known to me, not just surfed through) So that’s 2 more potential friends.

This morning has been ok, trip to the post office, did laundry in preparation of packing for the trip and about to have some lunch. Might go bowling today, but that’s still up in the air.

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