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gallery: X-Men – Days of Future Past

Empire Magazine has an exclusive cover gallery featuring 25 covers devoted to the upcoming movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, calling it “the biggest ever superhero movie”. Now while I’d be lying if I said the geek in me isn’t...


random: condemned to repeat it

Anyone else sick of all the remakes, covers, re-imaginings, etc.? To go off on a slightly* geeky tangent, in the X-Men and Alpha Flight comic from 1986, the trickster god was offering mankind the opportunity to become like gods. One...


brain: …BOOM!

Any comic geek worth their salt* knows the events that lead up to this declaration and subsequent explosion. This is pretty much where I am right now at the office. I’ve been here before, but lately I’ve been moving well...


What’s next, Sentinels?

Observation made while watching Heroes and chatting via IM with Serge: Wow, watching this really is like watching every X-Men cliche thrown down like you’re playing War. I can’t help it, but it’s become so easy to see which card...



Seeing as how today is just one of those days, don’t act as if you can’t figure out why… I’ll just post one of the first released PR images from the movie Wolverine currently in production. Scheduled for release on...


The dream’s the thing!

I’m fairly sure that the recent hot spell is to blame for my sickness. It’s pretty much headache, dizziness and nausea, and it started right around when we hit the mid-60s. Not that it would normally have any effect on...


Gives Me Geeky Goose Pimples

It’s no surprise that I’m a geek. I mean really no surprise. And I love me some old-school sci-fi. I have yet to grab the “re-mastered” original series Star Trek yet, which Jack tells me is fantastic. Region 2 be...


Ah, memories!

Tonight’s transfer candidates… I don’t know if the second one has ever been released on DVD but I’ve never found the first on anything but VHS. I love technology!


and now, the funny

From Pass Fail Studios comes another X-Men spoof: He could try Google… And this is probably just amusing to me, because I’ve heard many an excuse as to why people don’t ride metro when they should just say, “I don’t...