Personal ad folly

So like I said I placed a personal ad last night. It follows:

A Proclamation is issued…

This goes out to all corners of the land. Let it be known that a Dark Prince is in danger, trapped in an Ivory tower in Virginia under a spell of lonliness and solitude. Needed: A White Knight to come to his aid and sweep him off his feet to live happily ever after. The Prince is 28, african american, 6’2″, 185#, eyes brown as the trees in a lively wood, hair as black as midnight under the full moon. The ideal White Knight would be caucasian, between 25 and 35, with compassion, intelligence, honesty and bravery. (View the Prince’s Yahoo! profile for more information.) Do hurry brave sirs, the kingdom fears for his sanity should he have to wait much longer to be rescued!

Well what do you know if I didn’t get a response the next day (today)! —

What would it take to sweep the Prince off his feet? To rescue him from the solitude? Free him from enslavement in the tower? This knight is a 34 y/o WM with dark brown hair and eyes. A short, trimmed beard and mustache adorn his face. At 5’11” and 215 pounds, he is interested in getting to know more about the Prince and how the Knight might end his isolation. For the Knight, too, has looked throughout the land with no success so far in finding his Prince. If you’d like to talk more, get back at me. I’m well educated, professional and all that good stuff. Take care, Tim

So I wrote back and we’ll see. I have to say I already appreciate his willingness to get just as weird as I do.

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