Not like something doesn’t annoy me at least once a day anyway, but I was looking through an eBay auction I rather fancy and may bid on before going to the dentist, and the guy says,

    i will also leave feedback after buyer does, do to an enormous amount of people that doesn`t bother, to leave any….

Now the obvious spelling and punctuation errors aside. I tend to believe that feedback on eBay oughta work like this. Seller offers a product and gets paid in a timely (or not) fashion, s/he leaves feedback. Bidder bids on a product, pays and gets the product in timely (or not) fashion, s/he leaves feedback. Compliments aren’t supposed to be reciprocal. Generally I leave feedback the instant I get my money and I honestly don’t care if the person doesn’t want to leave me any, now it’d be nice if everyone did, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Actually the bag that I just got in the mail had a little card inside, nice little Hallmark card saying “I hope you enjoy the briefcase and I look forward to seeing your comments on eBay.” Very wise seller.

Also I just ran across “a pagan blog”. The description of said blog is such that you’d think it was the only one on blogger. So I surfed to it, always interested to see what other pagans.. that’s right there are others.. think. But it’s not a log/journal so much as it is links to various news stories all over the net that may relate to paganism, although all the stories just had “Witch” in the title so I’m kinda, eh, about that. One thing I tend to see about pagans online today is that they feel that their paganism defines them, instead of realizing that it shouldn’t be that strong an influence. I tried joining a webring that was for pagans with personal sites. I got turned down saying my page wasn’t “pagan enough”. But that of course they mean I didn’t have pentagrams floating all over the place and celtic music .wavs playing and links to the same candle and gem spells pages that everyone else linked to. That’s cool though, I can be, “angry young pagan”. Since I am most of the time anyway when I run into “pagan” men who mainly do it so they can wear leather, romp in the woods, fuck everything that moves and call it a religious experience. I’m not sure what’s so “radical” about that.

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