Yeah that’s the feeling all right. I was on the Metro with Shawn this morning and we were our usual non-moody-morning selves, laughing and joking. Which personally is when I feel most people are at their highest attractive/cute potential. Anyway, we’d ridden from Huntington down to L’Enfant Plaza (Metro Map). And while waiting to catch a train in the direction of Federal Triangle I saw this guy in the station that looked familiar. I rarely forget faces (or anything else for that matter except bills) and I realized that he looked like someone who’d responded to a personal ad of mine, and unfortunately the picture he sent didn’t *thrill* me, and like a total inconsiderate person I didn’t respond after that. Now a part of me feels bad that I didn’t because I well know the slight pain of running into or seeing someone that completely blew you off. But another part of me is kinda ok about it, ‘cos after seeing him in person and letting my superficial voice take over, he wasn’t all that. This is of course assuming that I’m right and this is the same guy since we never actually met and all I have is the picture of him. (see below & click to enlarge)

[ Dan ]

Otherwise I have a dentist appointment today. Not happy about it ‘cos I know what they’ll tell me. You haven’t been flossing and when I tell them I have they say, well you haven’t been flossing properly, and they get out the big fake teeth. Like looking at a model of someone else’s teeth is going to help me learn what more I need to do? It also bugs me the way they talk when they’re checking out your mouth as if you aren’t even there. “*sigh* Looks like poor care here.” — “Lot of bleeding, probably bad home care.” — “It’s most likely his technique.”

Gonna have to put in some hours this weekend too damnit. But maybe I can work some afternoon plans out of it so it won’t be a total waste, I dunno.

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