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In roughly thirty-something days, I’ll be turning a new thirty-something of my own. Freakouts have already begun about this. You can’t help but evaluate your life, where you are, where you thought you’d be. I see myself as getting too fat, getting too old and remaining far too single*. Of course I make myself the promises, “the next month is going to be different, I’ll be good so that I can look and feel fabulous on my birthday!” Thankfully that all should start today, so I haven’t lost any time yet. Still, it’s just one more piece of stress tacked onto all the pre-existing stuff.


And speaking of stress, I got an e-mail from my landlord today that he’s taking the job in DC and can be ready to move back in thirty-something days! I kind of figured that the silence was too good to be true and it’s for this exact reason that I wanted a firm date on when I should make ready to move out. The property manager hasn’t responded yet, but it is my hope that he will advise giving me 60 days to move out. Considering that if I were giving notice to vacate, that’s how long I’d have to give them. A fact that he didn’t fail to bring up to the property manager of the last apartment I applied for, which contributed to my application being rejected. It’s so good to feel that people are on your side, isn’t it?**

Apartment Wanted by Robyn Chapman of Unpopular Comics

So this could be me in a month or so.*** There’s a birthday present to look forward to, right?

If anyone has any apartment hunting mojo, I’d appreciate it. Until a date is confirmed, I’m a bit up in the air, but between the last time when the landlord hoped I wasn’t moving too soon and now that he’s said he’ll be ready to move back in a month, all bets are off. I doubt I’ll find the dream apartment tomorrow, but if I did, you can bet I’d take a week off work to pack my place up and get the hell outta dodge. I don’t want to leave Mount Pleasant, I really enjoy the area and love calling it “home” but the recent and continuing gentrification in nearby Columbia Heights has caused rents to start going up and none of the newly-built apartment buildings have dropped their rates at all.

So don’t be surprised if all of my blog entries for the next month or so seem to be oddly move-centric, discussing clutter, momentos, craigslist ads and the like. It’s just me going insane. :mrgreen:

* Or worse, that single where you’re not even sure if you’re single and it drives you nuts!

** Seriously, when I see signs for their property management company around town, it makes me wish I had a chainsaw. I could start a little trophy collection.

*** Minus the cat, hipster threads, Fender guitar and… boyfriend.

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4 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    I’m ready to throw in the towel on 2009 and start fresh with 2010. I get the feeling you’d be with me.

    The apartment thing fits into that equation. When I applied for that place a block or so from you earlier this year, they mentioned their referral incentive to me. I said to them, “Well, funny you should mention it; a friend of mine up the street may need to find something relatively soon.”

    If only they didn’t wind up rejecting me with the nonsense they found on my “background check.” Sigh.
    .-= latest entry: Current Situation ≠ Fate =-.

  2. shindo says:

    Well, I have a few more thirty something birthdays to enjoy. Each one brings me closer to that number all us Gen X’ers dread (some are already there). I have definitely decided not to go botoxic when that day comes.

    An early happy birthday to you, my friend on the other side of the country. The best of luck in the moving situation. I’m sure some enjoyable (reader’s perspective) will come out of it).
    .-= latest entry: Shindo Sartorial: Bow Ties =-.

  3. Jen Sardam says:

    I saw your blog entry featured in that daily Metro paper, & I thought ‘Wow, sounds very familiar,’ as I went through that at 30 & it seemed too soon after… 35. Where does the time go?

  4. Neal says:

    Ah thirty something. I only have one of those left. Staring 40 in the face is part of the reason I got off my fat ass and decided I was going to get in shape and eat better so I wasn’t dead by 50. That and my high school reunion is in September. 🙂 Good luck on the apartment hunt!
    .-= latest entry: Welcome to Burkittsville =-.

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