Shawn would say “Tired means you’re old, dear.” But I don’t care right now. I am tired. Tired of going out and drinking to no real result. I just got in from the club a little while ago, threw on the Thunderstorm CD and dunno what to do with myself. I’m not really sleepy.

It was business as usual tonight thought, bar-wise. I mean I went out with Shawn and his parents and some friends to dinner which was great, then after there went out. Ok, saw *one* guy that was attractive, in my opinion but mainly chatted with Charlie and the bartenders all night (is that a sign of becoming a barfly?) Otherwise I saw this guy, his name I eventually learned was Mikey. He was it, no one else really stood out to me, so as is my usual, I just saw across the bar, occasionally smiling at him, but not really doing anything else. I’m terminally shy, I know it, and one might wonder why I bother going out at all. So Charlie and Sean (bartender) thought they’d do me a favor by buying him a beer and telling him it was from me. Oh gods, never been so embarassed in all my life. I couldn’t move, couldn’t even go say hello. Eventually I made a joke across the bar, but by the time I said something to him he was already getting up to move to another bar across the room. Figures.

So I left early (12:30) and left Charlie to make eyes after yet another employee he thought was cute and now I’m here again, by myself. Some fun. *eh* Good night.

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