That’s as good as it gets today. Just got back from some minor errands. I found a tape in the car that I titled “Muggy Spring Days”. A bit late in the year for it, I know, but popping it in took me back to exactly when I made it. Other than that I got a car wash, boy was that a waste, whatever treatment my car had, it’s probably just going to need a whole new paint job, which I guess won’t be so bad if I can find a good price.

So now I’m downloading another game. I wonder if the Blockbuster near me has Dreamcast games yet. The one near Thomas did, so I hope they’ve all caught up by now. Probably will do my hair today. Wrestling with it last night kinda told me that it’s either time for a perm or time to get it hacked off.. More likely both. I usually like to have a day to work with it after ‘doing’ it, but it’s down to the wire, I’m totally shaggy.

There’s a line in a song on the tape that says “You’re looking for the boy of your dreams who is the same boy in the dreams of all of your friends.” Trust Meryn Cadell to hit the nail on the head like that.

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